Computer Telephony Integration


Successful telemarketing is a combination of quantity and quality. Your users need to make enough calls to find interested prospects, and when they find one they need to deliver your message effectively.

  • To achieve quantity we deliver world class outbound dialling solutions. These are proven to increase productivity and to make the work easier for your teams. The end result is happier users making more effective calls every day.
  • How many times have you received a voicemail and returned the call only for the person at the other end to know nothing about you or why you’re calling? Outbound calls generate inbound calls and handling them effectively is crucial. By automatically displaying the callers details on the user's computer, they can be fully prepared to make the sale.
  • Add low cost call recording and you can increase the effectiveness of every call. By monitoring calls you can deliver effective coaching and training to your users. It has the added advantage of proving what was said in every call, thereby protecting your business from false claims.
  • Confirming appointments is essential but can be a time consuming task. Using SMS txt messages to confirm appointments is both cost effective and saves time. When you book an appointment you can schedule an automated and timely reminder. This reduces the work load of your users and still reminds your customer of the visit.

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