Computer Telephony Integration

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is a numbers game. The more contact you have with customers the more opportunities and sales you will generate. Sales, like every other part of a business, follows a process and the more you can automate and streamline the process the more productive your sales team will be. The Adaptive suite of applications is ideally suited to help sales and marketing organisations achieve growth, productivity and increased margins.

Most companies use a CRM or customer database to keep information in. The Adaptive suite turns your information into profitable sales activity in a number of ways:

  • Outbound diallers improve the working life of telesales, increase productivity and delivers management information. A dialler is a must for anyone who is targeted to speak to 30 or more people in a day.
  • SMS txt messages can be used in many ways including sending marketing messages to new and existing clients or to send appointment reminds to your customers.
  • Web Chat or Call-Back requests engage with visitors to your website. By engaging with visitors you stand a better chance at turning them into customers.
  • Answering your customers by name increases your customer service, as does preparation provided by displaying your customers’ records on screen.

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