Computer Telephony Integration

Online Sales

If turning website visitors into customers is your objective, then engaging with visitors is more than likely to be a priority. Adaptive Web Assist enhances your website with real time chat and call-backs so that you can interact with visitors. By communicating with visitors you can discover sales opportunities and overcome any objections or reservations that they may have. You can also offer live contact (chat or call-back) during ordering or check-out so that if your prospect has a problem, you can solve it before they have the chance to approach your competitors.

Email is very much a part of doing business online but managing hundreds of messages each day is not just about typing faster! Personal email systems are great but leave many questions unanswered:

  • Who has dealt with which email?
  • How many emails did each agent handle today and what was their average handle time?
  • What is our email service level and are we achieving it?
  • I've got a customer on the phone, how can I find the email that they sent 10 minutes ago?

Adaptive Messaging is a multi-user email management system designed for use in departments that deal with hundreds or even thousands of messages a day. It delivers centralised message management coupled with extensive management reporting.

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