Computer Telephony Integration

Credit Management

The faster your customers pay, the better your cashflow. Adaptive solutions can deliver better credit management, reduce your costs and boost your profits:

  • You can double (and sometimes treble) the number of customers your collectors talk to daily by using a dialler.
  • Using screen-popping can reduce the time it takes to deal with inbound calls – making your collectors more productive. They  will talk to more debtors each day and collect more money.
  • Sending SMS txt messages is a great way to remind people to pay you. You can send a personalised message to one person or send a standard message to many at the same time. Experience has shown that a well timed txt message will increase the likelihood of a customer paying on time.
  • Call recording enables you to keep a record conversations- which is great for training. More importantly, it records debtor agreements, enabling you to resolve disputes if they are broken.

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