Progressive Dialler

The Adaptive Progressive Dialler increases the productivity of people who make outbound telephone calls.

The Adaptive Progressive Dialler utilises effective dialling campaigns to automate the process of dialling calls. This means that users spend less time managing their "call lists" and more time talking to customers. With automation comes reporting and the Adaptive Progressive Dialler provides comprehensive management reporting to provide effective and efficient control.

How the Adaptive Progressive Dialler Works

With the Adaptive Progressive Dialler, campaigns can be set up in minutes using a very easy-to-use campaign editor. The Adaptive Campaign Editor makes it simple to import call lists and set call outcome codes and dialling parameters. If combined with Adaptive CTI, you can also assign screen-pops, to activate as each outbound call is dialled. - Visit Adaptive CTI for more information about screen-pops.

When a user becomes available, the Adaptive Progressive Dialler retrieves the next call in the campaign and dials it for them, using the telephone on their desk. The computer shows the user a campaign call dialogue, giving information about the call and the recipient. At any time during the call, the user can select a “call outcome code”. The user can also choose to reschedule the call for another time and date. When the call has finished, the Adaptive Progressive Dialler gives the user time to do any post-call work (or “wrap-up”) before making the next call.

If the user wants to take a break, they can use a simple “make this my last call” feature and the Adaptive Progressive Dialler will mark them as “unavailable” until they are ready for more work. The Adaptive Progressive Dialler records the time a user spends unavailable, so that you can easily create a report showing how much time users spent unavailable and how much talking to customers.

The Adaptive Progressive Dialler makes the process of outbound calling much easier for users than manually working through a list of names and numbers. Users prefer this easy way of working, which makes them happier in their work. It also lets them work faster and more accurately, which means greater productivity! Using the Adaptive Progressive Dialler can double the number of calls made per user per day.

Adaptive Progressive Dialler

From a Manager's Perspective...

The Adaptive Progressive Dialler provides realtime and historical management reports. At any time, you can see how much work has been done, how much is waiting to be done, how many calls each user has completed and how successful their calls were. You can generate historical reports on campaign activity, call outcomes, user productivity and many more criteria. You can even export report data for use in other applications. In short, the Adaptive Progressive Dialler provides a whole host of information to help you run a successful outbound dialling team.

Adaptive Progressive Dialler - Reporting

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Who uses Adaptive Progressive Dialler?

Any company that has two or more people making over a hundred calls per day will benefit from using the Adaptive Progressive Dialler. The Adaptive Progressive Dialler is ideal for all kinds of outbound campaigns, from small, informal teams right through to large-scale outbound call centres and dedicated call centre agencies.

Any user of a CRM package such as ACT!, GoldMine and Maximizer will benefit from using the Adaptive Progressive Dialler. The Adaptive Progressive Dialler is used for telesales, appointment setting, credit collection, order processing, progress chasing and customer service.

Benefits of Adaptive Progressive Dialler

  • Progressive dialling can double the number of effective calls that each outbound user can make per hour.
  • Increased productivity leads to better profitability.
  • Users like progressive dialling - it makes their life easier.
  • Better management reporting leads to better staff management.