Predictive Dialler

The Adaptive Predictive Dialler increases the productivity of people who make outbound telephone calls to consumers.

Consumers are often out when you call them. The Adaptive Predictive Dialler finds people who answer the phone, so your people spend more time talking and less time listening to a ring tone.

How Adaptive Predictive Dialler Works

The Adaptive Predictive Dialler controls dedicated extensions on your telephone system, using them to make many telephone calls at the same time. The more calls it makes, the more chance of having a call answered. As soon as a call is answered, it is transferred to a user. This means that users talk to more people per hour. With the Adaptive Predictive Dialler, campaigns can be set up in minutes using a very easy-to-use campaign editor. The Adaptive Campaign Editor makes it simple to import call lists and set call outcome codes and dialling parameters. If combined with Adaptive CTI, you can also assign screen-pops activation as each call is presented to the user. Visit Adaptive CTI for more information about screen-pops.)

The Adaptive Predictive Dialler provides three dialling modes:

  • Predictive Dialling leverages the power of making multiple calls per user. The dialler predicts when the next user will become free and starts to make multiple calls for them, based on its prediction. By the time a user is free, one of the calls is likely to have been answered and the user can take that call.
  • Overdialling also leverages the power of making multiple calls per user. Unlike fully predictive dialling, however, the dialler does not try to predict when users will be free: instead, it waits until a user is actually free before it starts to make calls for them. This guarantees that when one of the calls is answered, a user will be available to take that call.
  • Progressive Dialling works by using the user's handset to dial with the user in attendance (in the same way that the Adaptive Progressive Dialler works).

The Adaptive Predictive Dialler can have multiple campaigns operating in different modes. This means that you can choose the best dialling method, based on the exact requirements of your current outbound campaign.

When you start the Adaptive Predictive Dialler in Overdial or Predictive modes, the software monitors your users. As each user becomes available (or is predicted to become available), the Adaptive Predictive Dialler starts making multiple calls.

As soon as a call is answered, the call is automatically transferred to an available user. The user's extension automatically answers the transferred call and the user's computer displays a campaign call dialogue, showing the user details of the call, such as the name of the person who was called. Any configured screen-pop is also run, presenting the corresponding record in your customer database.

From a Manager's Perspective...

The Adaptive Predictive Dialler provides realtime and historical management reports. At any time, you can see how much work has been done, how much is waiting to be done, how many calls each user has completed and how successful their calls were. You can generate historical reports on campaign activity, call outcomes, user productivity and many more criteria. You can even export report data for use in other applications.

In short, the Adaptive Predictive Dialler provides a whole host of information to help you run a successful outbound dialling team.

Adaptive Predictive Dialler - Management Reporting

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Who uses Adaptive Predictive Dialler?

The Adaptive Predictive Dialler is ideal for any company with four or more people making calls to consumers. For example, telemarketing, credit control, appointment setting, cold calling, outbound sales, etc.

Benefits of Adaptive Predictive Dialler

  • Predictive dialling increases the proportion of time users spend talking to customers.
  • Making multiple calls per user reduces the time it takes for users to be connected to the next customer.
  • Better management reporting leads to better staff management.