Computer Telephony Integration

Hardware and Software Requirements

Adaptive System Overview

The Adaptive software is a client / server application. This means that there is software loaded onto each user's computer, called the "Active Desktop". Managers also have another piece of software to control the Adaptive system and run reports, and this is called the “Adaptive Management Console”.

The Adaptive Desktop and Adaptive Management Console software communicate with software that is loaded onto a central computer. We call this computer the “Adaptive Server”. The specification of this computer largely depends on the size, complexity and importance of the Adaptive system in your organisation.

Adaptive Server Computer

The Adaptive Server computer is important because it handles all communication between all the computers that run the Adaptive Desktop and Management Console software, as well as all communication with externally connected devices, including any telephone system, email server and web server. An important point here is that the Adaptive system relies on sending and receiving information in real-time and it is important that the Adaptive Server is able to keep up with events as they happen. For this reason, we usually recommend that the Adaptive Server computer is dedicated to that task.

A small office with a few users of CTI and SMS can easily use a standard desktop PC as the Adaptive Server computer; whereas a hundred people using a mission-critical application like Predictive Dialling or Enterprise Contact Centre will certainly want to have a dedicated, high-specification server.

Choice of Operating System for the Adaptive Server

The Adaptive Server Software can run on the following operating systems: Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Server 2003 and Server 2008. In addition, Adaptive Software can run in virtualised environments and has been tested on both VMware and MS Hyper-V.<./p>

The first question to ask is "How many users are to connect to the Adaptive Server?"

  • Windows XP Home and Professional can support 10 client connections
  • Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate can support 20 client connections
  • Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 both require a Microsoft Concurrent Access Licence per user. The number of client connections alowed on it is based on how many licences are purchased from Microsoft.

The second question to ask is "What telephone system (if any) is the Adaptive system to connect to?"

When choosing the specification of your Adaptive Server computer it is important that you ensure that is able to run drivers for your telephone system and other devices that you may wish to connect. Not all telephone system manufacturers' TAPI Service Provider (TSP) run on all MS Operating Systems. If in doubt, please check with your telephone system manufacturer or provider, or consult with the NMS sales team.

Hardware Assumptions

The following specifications assume that the computer has sufficient processor power, memory and disc space to run the Operating System and any anti-virus software / backup or other software is loaded onto it.

Adaptive Server Computer

The Adaptive server computer requires:

  • 1 GB RAM per 20 users
  • 1 GB disc space per 10 users
  • Larger installations and especially those that will require SQL Integration (import data or export of results) will benefit from an additional 2 GB of RAM and a powerful, quad-core processor. The Adaptive software is disc-intensive and a fast disc with plenty of free space that will improve performance greatly.
  • Customers that plan to use Adaptive Messaging should allow enough additional space to cope with the volume of emails that are anticipated. In our experience, a good way to size this is to take the size of the current space that is being used (in the current email system) and multiply it by a factor of six. This will allow for growth over a three-year period.

Adaptive Call Recorder Computer

The Adaptive Call Recorder requires a dedicated computer. This is to ensure that it is able to keep up with all recordings and compress and encrypt them in real-time. The Adaptive Call Recorder can run on the following operating systems: Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Professional, Windows Ultimate 7, Server 2003 or Server 2008 Operating System.

The Adaptive Call Recording computer will require:

  • One available USB / PCI / PCIe slot for each call recording device
  • 2 GB RAM per 30 telephone lines to be recorded
  • A Dual Core processor 2.4GHz or greater
  • 100 GB of available disc space per 10 telephone lines to be recorded
  • For installations that use the default MS SQL 2005 Express Edition the computer requires Windows Installer 3.1 and Microsoft .NET version 2.0.
  • For installations that are to use customer supplied Microsoft SQL 2008 the computer requires Windows Installer 4.5 and Microsoft .NET version 3.5.
  • A DVD, NAS, Tape Drive or similar media device onto which archives can be made.

Note: If the site is only running a standalone call recorder, then the Adaptive Server and Call recorder applications can be installed and run on the same computer.

Dedicated Predictive Dialler Computer

In larger or more complex Predictive Dialling sites, it may be desirable to spread the processing load across multiple computers. The Adaptive Software has been designed so that multiple computers can be used. A common approach is to use a dedicated server with Terminal Server licences so that different managers / departments can run their predictive diallers independently. Please allow 1 GHz Processor capacity 1 GB RAM and 1 GB disc space per instance of the Adaptive Predictive Dialler.

Adaptive Web Assist

Adaptive Web Assist includes software that is installed onto a web server that is running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), which is publicly available over the Internet. For security reasons you may wish to consider using a dedicated computer for this task along with other security measures like placing the server into a firewall DMZ and using a PPTP tunnel to protect against external unauthorised access. The hardware required to run Adaptive Web Assist is the same as that required to run Microsoft IIS.

Client Computers: Adaptive Desktop & Adaptive Management Console

The Adaptive Desktop and Management Console software can run on all editions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and requires 512 MB available RAM and 100 MB available of disc space.

The Adaptive Desktop and Management Console software can be loaded and run in thin client computing environments. It has been tested in both Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services.