Computer Telephony Integration

Everyone has a computer and a telephone - Adaptive CTI is about making both tools work together better.

 When your computer and telephone work together:

  • You can use your computer to dial, hold and transfer your phone calls.
  • You can highlight a phone number, in any of your computer applications, and tell your telephone to dial it.
  • You can keep a list of personal contacts on your computer and call them by simply clicking on their name or number. This is much easier than dialling by hand!
  • When someone on your personal contacts list calls you, you can see who it is before you answer the phone.
  • Keep a list of company contacts. If your company has a list like this, then you can call anyone on it just by clicking their name or number. And when someone on the list rings in, then everyone in the office can see who it is when their phone rings.
  • Your computer can keep a record of your last 100 inbound, outbound and missed calls - just like the list of calls on your mobile phone, and just as useful! If you want to return a call, you can do so simply by clicking on the name or number for that entry.
  • You can monitor the status of other telephone extensions and users around your company. At a glance, you can see who is engaged or unavailable. If you prefer more privacy, you can choose to exclude extensions or users from being monitored.
  • Screen-popping - because your telephone and computer are working together, you can configure your system so that when you receive a call, your customer database records associated with the caller appear automatically.

There are two versions of Adaptive CTI: Basic and Professional.

How Adaptive CTI Works

Adaptive CTI provides a link between your computer network and your telephone system. Each user’s computer runs a small software application (pictured below), called the Adaptive Desktop. This knows which telephone extension is next to the computer.

The Adaptive Desktop Toolbar

The Adaptive Desktop lets you control your telephone from your computer. You can dial, answer, hang up, hold and transfer calls at the click of a mouse. The Adaptive Desktop reacts to what happens on your telephone, so that your PC can run screen-pops when a call arrives at your extension.

The Adaptive Desktop provides an easy to use dialogue that enables you to see the status of other peoples' telephone extensions. You can also see lists of your last 100 inbound, outbound and missed telephone calls.

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Who uses Adaptive CTI?

Anyone who has a computer and a telephone on their desk will benefit from using Adaptive CTI. All sorts of organisations can Adaptive CTI, including offices, shops, warehouses, factories, garages and schools.

Benefits of Adaptive CTI

  • Dialling automatically from your computer is faster and more accurate than manual dialling. Research has shown that up to 10% of manually dialled calls are misdialled!
  • Seeing who is calling enables you to prioritise important calls and avoid timewasters. It also enables you to greet your customers by name, which increases customer service and satisfaction.
  • Knowing which calls you missed means you can call back important customers – before they call your competitors.
  • Knowing who is in, who is out and who is busy saves time and enables your agents to sound more professional.
  • Screen-pops save up to 20 seconds per call and improve customer service by preparing you to personalise each call.