CTI Professional

Adaptive CTI Professional includes out-of-the-box compatibility with ACT!GoldMineMaximizer, Microsoft OutlookSalesforce.com, and Microsoft CRM!

A screen-pop is when your computer displays data matching your current telephone call. Typically, the data will come from your customer database or CRM application. Adaptive CTI Professional includes everything you need to screen-pop ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM. For other applications, the easiest way to create a screen-pop is to use the Adaptive CTI Professional Macro Editor:

Adaptive CTI Professional Macro Editor

When activated, the screen-pop macro brings up the "Find" or "Search" dialog in your database, automatically enters the telephone number and then tells it to find the corresponding customer record. It uses the keyboard, just as you would, but with more efficiency and accuracy. 

From a Developer's Perspective...

If you want tighter integration between your software applications and your telephone system, you can use a programmatic interface, supplied with Adaptive CTI Professional. This enables programmers to add screen-pops and buttons that "dial" and "hang up" telephone calls, directly into their own applications. For more information please see the Adaptive Integration page.

Salesforce.com can be screen-popped with Adaptive CTI Professional

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Who uses Screen-Pops?

Screen-popping complements general offices and call centres alike. Different types of screen-pops are best suited to different types of users. With Adaptive CTI Professional you can choose who has which type of screen-pop.

  • Call centre users and dedicated agents (like receptionists) need their screen-pops to trigger automatically when they receive a call.
  • General office users don't usually want their computer to screen-pop automatically, because they might be in the middle of working in a different application. Instead, they need to be able to trigger a screen-pop by clicking a button at any time during the call.
  • People handling multiple tasks need the ability to have different screen-pops for different occasions. For instance, they may receive a call, use the "see who is calling" function and then choose whether to look up the customer record in the CRM application or the accounting system. In this example, the user would need two buttons, with each one running a different screen-pop.