Call Recorder

The Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder protects your company, your customers and your staff. It helps deliver effective training and improves customer service.

The Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder records all calls on all lines (including SIP). You know exactly what was said, by whom and when. This protects your company, your staff and your customers.You are able to settle disputes with the evidence to back it up.

How Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder Works

The Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder is hardware that is connected to an industry standard PC. It is provided as either a USB connected unit or a PCI card that is fitted inside the computer.

Using an industry standard PC to make and store the call recordings means that you do not need to buy special or expensive custom hardware.

Recording all calls at the point that the phone lines enter your building means that you never miss an important call. It also means that if a call is transferred to several people in your organisation, you can listen to all of the call and hear all conversations, by all parties.

Call recordings meet all industry encryption standards. This provides an extra level of protection for your business. The Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder is also fully PCI-DSS compliant.

Searching for recordings could not be easier! Recordings are stored on a central PC and the Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder provides easy to use software that enables you to simply locate recordings and play them back. Recordings can be exported to .WAV format so that you can email them to your customers or save them as MP3 files for use in training. Recordings can also be backed up using any standard computer media.

From a Management and Training Perspective...

You can use the Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder to prevent problems occurring. By regularly listening to a sample of calls, you can identify who in your organisation needs to improve, and then provide training as necessary. Of course, you can also identify people who are doing an excellent job and provide positive feedback and rewards.

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Who uses Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder?

Anyone who uses a phone to conduct business will find the Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder invaluable. Whether your people talk about simple product information and pricing, or provide complicated advice, the Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder will protect your business.

The Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder is used by all sorts of organisations including accountants, call centres, distributors, doctors, garages, insurance brokers, manufacturers, offices, sales teams, solicitors and telemarketing.

Benefits of Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder

  • Recording calls helps to settle queries and resolve disputes quickly. When an issue arises you can easily find the recording, listen to it, and make decisions based on the facts of the case. 
  • Recording calls gives your people a sense of security and protection because they know that they can prove what was said in any conversation. This means that they can talk with confidence and not worry that false claims could be made against them. 
  • Continuous call recording can be used for effective training, resulting in and increased quality of customer service. Well-trained people are more motivated and this leads to better staff retention.