• Desktop

    Adaptive CTI and Adaptive Desktop SMS products increase the customer service and productivity of anyone who works in an office. Just like your mobile phone you can see who is calling, send & receive text messages - all from your desktop PC.

  • Recording

    Adaptive Hybrid Call Recorder protects your organisation, your customers and your staff by recording all phone calls on all types of phone lines (including SIP). It has legal standard encryption and meets credit card (PCI DSS) standards.

  • Dialling

    Adaptive Progressive and Predictive Diallers can triple the number of calls that your outbound agents make every day. As you would expect from the No. 1 dialler supplier,they are legally compliant, secure and are very simple to use.

  • Online

    Adaptive Messaging, Web Assist and IQ deliver all the tools you need to attract and service online customers. Know who is looking at your website, engage visitors with chat and manage our inbound and outbound email to exceed your customers’ expectations.

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  • Finalist of the South Coast Business Awards 2014
  • Winner of BESMA award
  • CommsBusiness Awards

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